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Description of Services

Prior to start of any project, to insure proper interpretation of the builder’s level of finish and price point, the designer requests the following:

  • Signed Design Agreement and start-up fee (50% of Designer's Fee).
  • An electronic file or blueprint of the final subdivision plat
  • Copy of county building requirements and project specifications.
  • Completion of "Design Notes Form".

Schematic Design
As each plan’s initial design concept is complete, an electronic file or fax will be forwarded to the builder. The file or fax will consist of 1st and 2nd floors and elevations on 8½” by 11” sheets. The builder is to review/note any changes. Once complete, Builder is to forward changes to designer.

Construction Documents
A standard set of construction documents consists of the following:

  • 4 Elevations (Front, Rear, Left and Right).
  • Requested foundation plan (Slab, Basement and/or Crawl).
  • Floor Plans (First, Second and, if required, Attic).
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical Plans (First, Second and, if required, Attic).
  • Required Details as needed.

When a contract is for a group of plans, the first set will be submitted to Builder for
“Plan Documentation Review” prior to completion of the remaining sets.

Marketing Collateral
Every plan will be accompanied by sales material consisting of elevations and floor plans. Sales Material can be designed to fit company letterhead for proper presentation.

Final Review and Changes
After Prototype Walk and final plan review, Builder may submit redlined drawings and request final plan changes (no charge). Once all final plan changes are complete and submitted (2 weeks), the contract between Builder and Designer is complete. Any further changes made to these plans will be done at an hourly rate of $100/Hr.